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Engineering and Operations

Engineering and Operations

Information Technology Engineering and Operations is continuously evolving

It involves designing, deploying, and maintaining the critical IT infrastructure. NIS experts can provide well-designed system architecture and governance plans, enhance functionality and performance on existing systems, and provide the day to day support required to support your agency’s requirements. Our team’s unique blend of technical knowledge and experience working with numerous federal government agencies insures we’re prepared to handle any IT support tasks.

Enterprise Architecture

All organizations need to ensure that their IT systems support their business needs and mission objectives. NIS’ enterprise architecture services provide the conceptual blueprint necessary to pull it all off. Our enterprise architects know how to navigate the often difficult task of aligning business requirements with IT resources to provide your organization with effective, efficient, and agile high-level planning.

Datacenter Engineering, and Support

An effective IT infrastructure provides the technology users need to run smoothly and support the current and future business needs. Our engineers can provide enterprise client/server and mainframe solutions, from needs assessment through procurement to systems programming, production control and operations. We can provide integration, consolidation, and migration support to ensure your agency’s systems are optimized and scalable. Our data center support provides constant monitoring, troubleshooting, and maintenance to help our clients meet their 24/7/365 operational demands.

Certification and Accreditation

Our experts ensure the C&A process is not just a documentation exercise but rather a thorough risk assessment and vulnerability analysis that describes the controls and processes in place and provides continuous improvement to our client’s security posture.

Enterprise Email and Server Management

Email and file servers are critical components of our client’s IT infrastructure. As a Microsoft certified partner, and VMware certified partner, NIS provide the right mix of expertise in developing scripts to automate tasks, improve infrastructure, archiving, and design and configuration for enterprise servers. We deploy solutions that meet the current and future requirements of our clients. Our personnel have experience deploying and supporting varying versions of Operating Systems and Virtualization platforms, including performing daily ongoing support and maintenance of troubleshooting of existing Microsoft Exchange Environments, including Microsoft Office 365.

Audio Visual Systems

Audio visual systems (including video teleconferencing), are an essential component of conducting business in the present media-rich environment.  We provide engineering, implementation and operation of AV systems to include video cameras, codecs, processors and monitoring systems.  Our on-going AV support include system setup, user training, system programming, and repairs.  Our video teleconferencing solutions assists our clients to reduce unnecessary travel while still maintaining all of the benefits of face-to-face interaction.