Since 1997, NIS Solutions has been providing IT Development & Operations to US Government agencies and Commercial clients

United States Department of Justice

Our experience with DOJ include help desk support, training support, application migration, business process re-engineering, program management, capital planning and investment control (CPIC).

United States Department of Treasury

Since 2010, NIS Solutions has been providing language translation services in support of The Department of Treasury Bureau of Fiscal Services. Our services include language translations, interpretation, and sign languages.

The District of Columbia Government

Our experience with the District of Columbia Government includes software licensing, electronic health records and clinical support services.

United States Department of Veterans Affairs

Our experience with the Veterans Affairs include service desk support, help desk, call center services, application development and maintenance.

United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)

Since 2004 NIS Solutions has provided varying levels of IT and Mission Support services to HUD to include AV/VTC, MDM, application Development and Maintenance, bi-lingual call center, hardware and software acquisition support, program and project management services.

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)

Since 2013, NIS Solutions has been providing 24/7 mainframe operations, production Control, support desk, systems programming and mission support to FDIC.